JM POSNER Chocolate Fountains & Waffle Makers are clear signs of elegance at any social event. We mainly specialize in manufacturing of Chocolate Fountains & Waffle Makers and other “fun-food-solutions”. We pride ourselves on creating high quality and innovative products, supplying caterers worldwide with everything they need for their catering business from pre and post sale technical support, to our selection of accessories and supplies. JM POSNER has a diverse selection of chocolate fountains to suit the needs of caterers, wedding planners, restaurants, and ordinary consumers who want to have a sweet and visually elegant centerpiece on hand when entertaining guests.

CARL SCHMIDT SOHN – GERMANY 1829 – Kitchen Supplies products are created for people who value first-class quality, well thought-out functionality and exclusive design at the table and in the kitchen. In the tradition of the Solingen cutlery industry, we manufacture high quality knives, cutlery, cookware, scissors and kitchen utensils. All products are just as perfect for private households as they are for professional kitchens, hotels and restaurants. The high quality of our products is the result of selected materials and first-class workmanship. As a traditional Solingen company since 1829, we were born with steel processing, so to speak. We fall back on proven knowledge, craftsmanship and many years of experience.