RITZENHOFF AG history began more than 100 years ago in Marsberg in Germany’s Sauerland region. RITZENHOFF works very closely with a large number of internationally renowned designers and the brand has been on the market since 1992. A whole new range of successful strategies have evolved from an idea that led to new markets more or less generating themselves. For many years now, RITZENHOFF AG has defended its position as market leader in the field of stemmed glassware (exclusive models) for the beverage industry, with a market share of well over 50% in Germany.

MOSER GLASSWARE Since 1863, Moser has used only lead-free crystal. Every glass, ornament or art object goes through as many as forty pairs of hands before their beauty illuminates your abode.
The most graceful and sophisticated decorating technique, developed by Ludwig Moser and his followers to a previously unseen level, is engraving. The tradition of elite artisans working hand-in-hand at the peak of their powers, is the secret to the enduring quality of Moser. Our continued success lies solely in their hands. Our life’s work is to continue the history of craftsmanship that both defines an era and is remembered for generations.

BORMIOLI ROCCO is an Italian leading glass manufacturer exports its products to more than 100 countries in the world and represents one of the most important glassworks on the international scene. Bormioli Rocco is designed to confer a strong personality to the table and to create a unique atmosphere in every locale, without foregoing functionality. Surf our catalog and find the product that best suits your needs.

CRYSTALITE BOHEMIA was founded in October 2009 and today owns a production plant in Svetla nad Sazavou (since 1967) with fully automated production of beverage and decorative glass for hotels, restaurants, boutiques, and households. Besides production itself, the Svetla factory also accommodates the commercial and administrative headquarters of the whole company. We use the environmentally friendly lead-free glass CRYSTALITE. This glass features great light refraction, has a long lifetime thanks to titanium infusion.

UNBREAK MYGLASS ®, a French company revisiting the glass…which isn’t made of glass!
The unbreakable glass UnbreakMyGlass ® is virtually a real glass, providing security, protecting yourself from injury risks and saving your money. All our glasses are reusable and recyclable, constituting a contribution to the green ecological trend by avoiding tons of disposable glasses.