ARTHUR PRICE OF ENGLAND was first established in 1902, The name Arthur Price of England is synonymous with elegant, timeless design, the highest quality, craftsmanship and specialist expertise. Our flatware range epitomizes traditional British values and manufacturing excellence. Arthur Price prides itself on the delivery of first class, high quality stainless steel, sterling silver or silver plated products that will make any dinner table or dining room shine. Our collaborations range from the inimitable Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to award-winning jeweler Nicholas James, as well as master of luxurious interior design, Clive Christian, and Sophie Conran, the designer and cookery writer with an exceptional pedigree. Expect nothing below a first class aftersales service, because, at Arthur Price, we take immense pride in building and maintaining enduring relationships with our customers.

NARIN FLATWARE established in 1967 is among the most distinguished firms operating in Turkey’s houseware and industrial kitchen products sector. “Sustainable quality” approach is what is behind the firm’s rooted history. Narin has always kept customer expectations and needs at the forefront in its customer-focused designs by placing importance on high quality. From the day it was founded, the company with its in-house high technology production chose to take place in the competitive market with its own exclusive collections and designs, by differentiating its product range. In terms of its product range, the company has approximately 1000 different items, with forks, spoons, and knives being in the foreground alongside home series, table accessories, Horeca and open buffet equipment.