ROYAL WORCESTER– Founded in 1751, ROYAL WORCESTER UK is synonymous with heritage, quality and prestige. One of the oldest English pottery brands still in existence today, Royal Worcester is a specialist in the design and manufacture of British fine bone china and can be credited for spearheading the British ceramics industry. Royal Worcester’s goal is to create unique fine dining experiences for the hospitality and catering industry with its prestigious British tableware collections. Each piece of fine bone china is hand crafted by the most talented craftsmen and women at its factory in the heart of The Potteries, in Stoke-on-Trent, England.

PORCEL- Founded in 1987, is a prestigious brand and manufacturer of fine porcelain. Located in the heart of Portugal, Porcel combines handmade tradition and technological innovation into the making of each piece, resulting in high quality, creative and elegant porcelain products. For Porcel, the selection of materials is very important and each product is designed, shaped and moulded according to strict accuracy standards. Offering a wide range of products and investing in research and development of new models, new collections and custom made solutions, Porcel makes efforts to follow the latest trends and market demands, annually presenting new collections at relevant international events.

FALKEN PORZELLAN– Germany are made from high graded raw materials, the most modern production units and accurate processing. Our patterns are developed and provided with gold edges or golden trimmings on the handles and covers. Our products at approximate 46 different countries in the world by several retailer stores and shopping centers In all designs and products of Falken Porzellan. It is easy to find high craftsmanship, top quality and refined aesthetic taste, but also style variety and an ideal balance between classic art and contemporary needs Falken Porzellan is proud to be selected from different 5 Star Hotels as a supplier of VIP Dining as well the Banqueting.

A track record rich in extraordinary projects and a passion for innovative design have made SCHÖNHUBER FRANCHI a leader in the hospitality sector, with one of the most complete product assortments available on today’s market. Our collections offer brilliant solutions for the different demands of the contract sector: from wine goblets to fine bone china, from technical equipment to indoor and outdoor furnishing created by world-class designer. The care and creativity that we put into our products has always reflected a person-oriented corporate sprint. We work with some of the most important internationally recognized architects and designers such as Piero Lissoni, Rodolfo Dordoni, Massimo Castagno, Monica Armani, Lara Caffi.

SPAL’s History is consistently based on brand’s values. Since its inception, SPAL promotes design, innovation and quality as part of its corporate culture. Being the first ceramics company to launch a design competition (in 1970), SPAL has, since then, maintained partnerships with schools of design and materials engineering. Its in-house design department. The company was also responsible for marketing collections by reputed international designers, such as Stefanie Hering, David Queensberry, Martin Hunt, the Danish studio Seidenfaden Design Copenhagen, among others.

STYLEPOINT is a leading supplier of Hospitality non-food products available throughout Europe. Our Customers from all over Europe trust in our market expertise and our new innovative solutions. You wish to choose from possibilities that seamlessly connect with the experience that you are creating for your guests. For possibilities that are also affordable and for which repeating orders are excellent. Stylepoint’s broad product range ensures simplicity in making smart combinations of hospitality grade quality, trend design and available budget.

RAW DESIGN- A hospitality concept or dish goes hand in hand with the right tableware and offer various possibilities to provide its clients with a unique set of tableware that matches their needs and fits seamlessly with the vision of a complete experience.

JUMBO GASTRO being one of the most elegant brands in Turkey with its design, esthetic and quality since 1947 continues to be a symbol of functionality, ergonomics and esthetic with the prizes it won at national and international platforms. Timeless products bear the signature of Jumbo for the elegant locations desiring to transform tables into pleasant experience. Recipes of the master chiefs deserve kitchen utensils and striking presentations produced with the latest technology.

COSTA VERDE- PORTUGAL was founded in 1992 and based on a completely innovative philosophy by inviting the industry and the main Portuguese distributors to participate in its social capital. This idea turned out to be a great success because it considerably strengthened the ties between manufacturing and distribution. In this traditional business sector and with many obstacles to entry in the market – a quicker penetration of their products has led to a strong implementation of the company in the national market resulting in Costa Verde becoming a well-known brand in Portugal and worldwide.